Friday, May 30, 2014

Watermelon (noun courtesy of Sarah)

I sat in my friend Ceri's stunning garden last night with my stunning friend Ceri discussing foods we can't eat now because we associate them with illness.  You know.  Like that time in St. George when I ate an entire key lime pie (BY MYSELF!  BRING IT, TAKERU KOBAYASHI!) from Croshaw's and then came down with an epic case of the stomach flu.

Anyway.  The other night I offered Ken Cannon some tasty cold watermelon and he shook his head because you know.  THE HEPATITIS.  Many years ago when we had the Yellow Disease, the only things we ate were watermelon and popsicles and basically we lay on our bed, watching the Cubs play and wishing we were dead.  And wishing the Cubs were dead, too, because they stink so much.

As it turns out, I can now eat and enjoy watermelon--especially on a hot day.  But Ken Cannon?  Not so much--even though (oddly) he can still watch the Cubs.

Who (it must be said) still stink.


Bonnie White said...

You make me laugh.

radagast said...

So nice to have you back in the 'hood, Ann! I've missed you.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

thank you Ann....I know what you mean, after my dr visit yesterday I wish I could equate illness with all carbs..
Oh the pain of it all

Lisa B. said...

Watermelon would be a terrible thing to lose. I am so looking forward to watermelon season!