Thursday, February 13, 2014

Voiceless one

It's a fact.  I've lost my voice.

It started slipping away from me yesterday and by last night when we took Q's friend out for burgers, I was reduced to wild gesturing.  Oddly, after watching The Mod Squad yesterday, I watched an old episode of the original Hawaii 5-0 which featured a mute girl who was also reduced to wild gesturing (also violent head shaking and fist pounding), thus making it difficult for friends and family to understand that she'd witnessed A MURDER, in much the same way I had a hard time making Ken Cannon and the waiter understand that I wanted FISH AND CHIPS and NOT my usual Big H with a raw onion.

 Let me tell you, I suddenly had a lot more sympathy for random mute girls on Hawaii 5-0 after last night.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the things I've learned since going mute.

1.  I talk a lot.  A lot more than I thought I did. I always accuse Ken Cannon of living out loud, but apparently I do, too.

2.  I would make a crappy monk--for a lot of reasons, of course, but the vow of silence thing would be a trial for me.

3.  Ken Cannon can carry on a conversation without my help at Hires.  I suspected that, of course, but last night confirmed it.  He and David got along like a house on fire, discussing Chilean slang and Finnish declensions.

I am sure there will be many more stunning Life Lessons during the internment of my vocal chords.  I'll keep you posted.


Lisa B. said...

"the internment of my vocal chords" = lolololololololololololol

Bob the Woodworker said...

Ann Cannon living out loud? I'm shocked to learn that. It is good to know that, when Miss Ann's voice goes, Ken Cannon can carry a conversation, even if it's mostly on "Chilean slang and Finnish declensions." I hear he can also talk about abstruse matters of early twentieth-century Mormon history and that he knows words that people during that period used, like "ruction," which is a heck of an icebreaker at cocktail parties where he doesn't know anyone. Try it sometime.

James said...

As long as you have a keyboard, you have a voice. Keep singing sister.