Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chihuahuas gone wild

In the mood for a story about packs of feral chihuahuas?  Then today is your lucky day.  I found this story in the Daily Mail, an online "newspaper" that sets all kinds of records for journalistic lows.  But yeah.  I check in with it every day on the outside chance that I'll get to read a story like this.

I sent this link to my brother Jimmy who said that Alfred Hitchcock could make an awesome movie with this material--something along the lines of The Birds, only it would be called The Feral Chihuahuas, natch.

(Also--about the link to the Daily Mail?  You're welcome.)


Joseph Ramirez said...


I'm trying to imagine a similar situation happening in my own hometown.

Nope. My cat would eat them.

James said...

A Chihuahua Chase of a different sort!