Thursday, February 6, 2014

Entertaining myself

I am forever misreading and mishearing things.  Like I'll see the word "polish" and think it means "Polish" as in the nationality of the late Pope John Paul instead of what you do to your furniture with Lemon Pledge.  Stuff like that.

And I did it again this morning.  I heard Dave Rose on the radio talking about BYU's b-ball team whom I THOUGHT he referred to as a "Brazilian group of guys."  So I started to wonder what that meant.  Are all the guys on the team this year from Brazil?  Or was Coach Rose speaking metaphorically?  And how does "Brazilian" work as a sports metaphor anyway?  I was stumped.  Truly.

And then I realized he'd said they were a "resilient group of guys."  Which makes more sense, right?

But it's so much more fun to think about boys who are Brazilian.  Carry on, Brazilian boys!

1 comment:

James said...

Not to be confused with the Boys from Brazil. That is the type of resiliency no one needs.