Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I've got The Sick today.

This is what happens when you start feeling smug.  This is what happens when you start thinking that although every one around you is coughing up a lung, YOU will not get sick because you have such awesome willpower.  You start taking pride in your ability to dodge The Sick Bullet.  You say to yourself (and to anyone else who'll listen) that your non-sickness is the reward for living with too many pets and for not being a particularly fussy housekeeper.  Congratulations, Non-Sick Pro!  YOU HAVE A GREAT IMMUNE SYSTEM!

And that's when the Gods of Sick sit up and take notice.  They smite you with their smiting rods and force you to go to bed and watch daytime TV.

Which isn't all bad.  Watching reruns of the Mod Squad is hugely entertaining, leading one to ask why Linc wears sunglasses all the time, even when he's getting stitches in the ER.

Oh, Linc.  You were the man.


CSIowa said...

I accidentally read "Non-Stick Pro," but I think that also works. I hope you feel better soon.

Lisa B. said...

Darling Ann, The Sick is The Worst. I hope you have tea, herbal, and soup, brothy. And that you can continue your recovery into the weekend. May I recommend that you watch the entire series of Veronica Mars (streaming on Amazon Prime)? It will be a worthy pastime, and then you will be prepared to watch The Veronica Mars Movie, which opens in early March!


radagast said...

Ai. Feel better soon, Ann.