Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tiny missives

Over at HTMS Lisa B. has been tearing it up with smart little letters to all and sundry.  I am following her lead because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  And I am sincere.  People give me prizes for my high level of sincerity.  (Thanks, Lisa B. for the idea.)

Dear Princess Kate,

My friends Shelley and Caitlin and I would like to be your visiting teachers.  We will come visit you at the palace and bring you casseroles (including funeral potatoes!) and tell you amusing stories and hold George while you sit on the back porch and have a cigarette break.  We won't judge.  Obv.


Your new visiting teachers

Dear Trib readers who are still yelling at me for sucking up to the cops,

You should try it.  


Someone who can't write about being tazed.  Because I wasn't.

Dear Phil,

Thanks for the bike ride today.  You're right.  It's better to want what you have instead of wanting what you don't have.


Your mother

Dear Sheryl Crow,

Thanks for letting me steal your lyrics.  I used them in that letter I just wrote to my oldest son.


Someone who just listened to a couple of your cds on the way to Logan and enjoyed them all over again.

Dear Doughnuts.



Someone who wants you go get in my belly


shelley said...

I had this fabulous dream a few nights ago that I was invited to Prince William's book club. It was in a gorgeous old building, and Kate was very down to earth. She gave me some sensible advice!
If I were in fact her VT, I would bring her a vanilla bundt cake, and I would want to kiss those chubby George cheeks!

Lisa B. said...

This is an awesome set of tiny missives. The tiny missive! It should be a whole new genre, and we should dedicate ourselves to its practice!

Lisa B. said...

...and omg can we PLEASE go buy a dozen doughnuts and eat them in the park before it gets too cold? even if we don't finish them, or even if we do?

Amelia said...

Being Kate's VT would be awesome. Think of the great times you would have. He did look so cute on his blessing day. Wonder if they had funeral potatoes for after!