Thursday, October 10, 2013

This and that

First this:  your captions were awesome.  WELL PLAYED!  Thank you.  Ken Cannon had a grand time reading them, and he says thank you, too.

And now that:  so the column I did on Mike Lee has kind of taken off.  At least by my very modest standards.  I mean, I'm happy if I get 50 likes on facebook and a handful of comments when something gets posted online.  I've gotten a bit more attention than that this time around.  My brother called last night to ask how this makes me feel, and I said it's been fun to be Robert Kirby for a day.  I even celebrated by eating a coconut cupcake.

Some of my favorite responses include one where a reader wrote that the coach's daughter just gave Mike Lee a verbal spanking.  And another told me it was my own fault I didn't go to the park because THE PARKS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE and alls I had to do was kick down the barricades--to which I can only say, dude.  I'm not Rambo.

Somebody else also told me to stop saying dude.

This all make me smile.  And you know what makes me smile the most?  I figured out how to use the phrase "can of whoop-ass" in a sentence.  In the paper.

Talked to Lisa B. this morning.  Life is good today.


Megan said...

Congrats on being (a more attractive) Kirby for a day!

Lisa B. said...

I was secretly (not anymore) and especially pleased about that "can of whoop-ass" bit as well. I thought to myself, nice work there, Ann Cannon! Righteous and right on.

I've been thinking all day since I saw you how days are better when I see you. FRLS.

Jeanna Stay said...

What I really loved about the can of whoop-ass was that it was being opened by his grandmother (sort of). That is a visual that makes me smile.