Monday, October 21, 2013

A few garden shots for your viewing pleasure

In some ways this is my favorite time of year for my garden.  Everything is big and blowsy and all yellowing around the edges.  I'm not a photographer, so there's nothing special about these pictures.  But whatevs.   Enjoy your Monday!

A nice little stand of anenomes

Asters and roses

Asters and roses, part deux

Who doesn't love a Cinderella pumpkin?

More anemones

Statue of boy peeing in memory of all the boys who have, in fact peed in this garden

Leaves on sidewalk

A sea of autumn color


Louise Plummer said...

I love October roses.

Lisa B. said...

man. beautiful. (I realize I have the same asters, just in a less lovely color. note to self: get on that lovelier color of asters!)

radagast said...

It would be an honor to pee in this garden.

James said...

You may not be a photographer, but you are a writer that takes good pictures. I am with Radagast on this one. Actually, there may have been one time when Nick and I were locked out of the house...

Angypants said...

Love these! I was thinking about taking some pictures of our fall colors in the garden. They really are so pretty this time of year.