Monday, December 3, 2012

When eyeballs go south

So, first let me give Donna the Queen a big shout out.  After corresponding with one another for ten years or so, we finally met in real life last week. And she is as delightful and funny in real life as she is in her e-mails and posts.   Thanks, Donna!

While I was there in Vegas, I stayed with my brother Jimmy, who had a sign on his kitchen wall that said "Tommy's Birthday" to mark his son's big day.  But because my eyes have taken a turn for the worse, I thought it said, "Today's Bitchin'," which is actually an awesome life motto.  People should be cross-stitching "Today's Bitchin'" onto little pillows and throwing those "Today's Bitchin'" little pillows all over their couches, because that would help us to remember to keep it bitchin' whenever possible.

Good idea, right?  I'm in.


radagast said...

Ha! Nice play on "going south"!

And well done, Donna. Because, it must be said, should I ever run into you at the King's English or the Dr. Pepper store or the Bacon Factory or the cross-stitch supply outlet, the in-person me will be a big disappointment. That is not false modesty. It is the word. Ask anyone. However, I will promise to try to cheer you up and distract you with a yummy treat.

Have a bitchin' day!

Jim said...

Bitchin' post from a most precious slut!