Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girl Baby at Christmas

Yesterday I babysat my 2 year-old granddaughter, and people I had a lesson plan.  Together we would
1.  make a star ornament
2.  decorate sugar cookies
3.  put candy canes on the Christmas tree
4.  mess around with holiday stickers
5.  read Christmas books
6.  create a snowmen diorama with cotton balls

And we did!  All six things!  In twenty minutes or less!  Because when you are a little whirlwind you do things fast!

Oh, Baby Girl, I love you so.


Lisa B. said...

The list always has to have this item on it:

7. watch Nick Jr.

because your list of good things is only going to last so long.

Julie Cannon said...

Wow! That's incredible.

Erin said...

Ha Ha. I can totally imagine it too. :)

shelley said...

I always have really fun activities in mind for my girls. But they race through them SO. FAST. It doesn't make the effort worth it. I've figured out the only things that last longer than 5 minutes, and now we only do those things because I hate disappointed effort...

You are a fun grandma.