Friday, December 21, 2012

The poodle and TRQ

Got word yesterday that the coach has to have himself some surgery for Christmas, so I spent yesterday in Provo and stayed overnight with TRQ.  She wanted me close so we crawled into her king-sized bed, along with the poodle.

There were three pillows.  My mother's.  My father's.  And a third pillow, which (I assumed) was for decorative purposes.  Anyway.  That was the pillow I wanted because it was a little plump, unlike my father's pillow which looked like a crepe.

So I took that pillow, whereupon the poodle gave me the hairy eyeball.

"Um," said TRQ.  "That's the poodle's pillow."

So I gave it back.  Because I do NOT mess TRQ's pillow.  Ever.


LucindaF said...

Is he going to be okay? Are you okay? Besides having a neck krink from sleeping on a crepe?

Bren sleeps on a crepe. I sleep on a cushy mountain of feathery fluff. I think I just walked into a 1950 stereotype.

Lisa B. said...

I love that the poodle has its own pillow. Hoping for speedy recovery for your dad. xo

Erin said...

That is awesome that the poodle has its own pillow and no one else can have it. Hope your dad is feeling better