Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stuff I am grateful for tonight

Yesterday over at http://www.hightouchmegastore.net/, Lisa B., a professor, gave an update on her grading efforts.  And I said one of the things I am truly grateful for right now is that I'm not reading final exams.  Which led me to think about other things I am grateful for.  A short list follows.

1.  Cheese balls
2.  Christmas trees
3.  Beautiful children's picture books
4.  Ornaments made out of macaroni
5.  Frank Sinatra singing carols on that cd I checked out from the library
6.  Kids home from college
7.  Meals with friends
8.  Christmas lights
9.  Moonlight on snow
10. Heated car seats
11.  Grandbabies


wjmom said...

1. Live music everywhere.
2. Skype and cell phones.
3. Children on missions.
4. Children NOT on missions.
5. The perfect lipstick color.
6. Scarves.

Melody said...

moonlight on snow. sunlight on snow. skis on snow. The way snow muffles sound in the early morning, so you know it snowed a lot last night even before you look out the window.