Thursday, February 3, 2011

Red velvet

Before I get to the subject at hand, let me just say that I've appreciated your kind words. Honestly, I've been SUCH a whiney baby lately--a big old buzzkiller--and where's the fun in that? So thanks for putting up with me. Truly.

Meanwhile, red velvet. I'm always on a quest for a yummy red velvet thing ever since Kathy Allsen made a red velvet cake for my birthday when we were seniors in high school. I thought it was the best, most exotic thing I'd ever tasted (this was 1974 when you could only buy two kinds of cheeses at the grocery store in Provo, Utah), and I've sort of searched for that first blissful taste ever since.

But here's what I've discovered--red velvet often disappoints. It's frequently too dry. Or not flavorful enough. Or so shot through with red food coloring that the only thing you can taste is the dye. So now whenever I eat a red velvet thing, I steel myself for the inevitable heartbreak. Which is what I did yesterday at the cookie shop on third west formerly known as MY DOUGH GIRL (now appearing as RUBYSNAP). The cookie of the month is a red velvet thing and guess what. It was good. Kinda cake-y, it must be said, but that I don't mind.

Yay! Find the right cookie and life is (almost) good again!


LucindaF said...

Red Velvet Cake reminds me of the Armadillo cake they cut into on the movie, Steel Magnolias.

It's a rare thing when food meets expectations.

candace said...

my favorite cookie there is Margot Mint. have you had that one?

Louise Plummer said...

I've never been able to get away from bittersweet chocolate long enough to try red velvet.

I like GOOD POEMS too.

Char'sWEB said...

Yum Red Velvet! Getting way off topic here but just saw the Jimmer Jammer video of DJ Jon Carter with guitarists/back-up singers your dad, Chad Lewis and Shawn Bradley singing the "Jimmer Fredette" song.

Donna said...

you are not a whiner, we all have to vent, and process things. We all thank you for the opportunity to be a guide and a mentor for your day.
Venting and processing are medicinal, necessary and preclude the need for a colonic.
Your welcome.

Karim said...

Dear Ann,

I am ALWAYS on the search for the perfect cupcake, and red velvet is one that I always try. Please come visit us in Williamsburg and I will introduce you to my favorite cupcake place. It will blow your mind!

Love, K