Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Freaking seals

This morning started off with an e-mail from agent Tracey, informing me of another rejection. It's the kind of rejection I often get--the editor loves me, loves the book, etc. etc. But in the end, the manuscript just isn't special enough. For the record I WOULD BE A MILLIONAIRE IF I COULD GET PAID A ROYALTY FOR EVERY TIME I'VE BEEN TOLD BY EDITORS I'M NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH. But whatever. In my heart I know I'm special. And that you're special. And that we're all special because we're all God's very special, special children. So at least there's that.

At any rate, I've been trying to figure out how to make myself more special. For awhile I thought the answer was to write a paranormal romance, so I labored away for awhile on a selkie story, and honestly it was kind of good. But in the end I couldn't finish it because every time I looked at myself in the mirror I went I am writing a freaking book about a freaking girl WHO'S IN LOVE WITH A FREAKING SEAL. And then I would ROCL. And for the record, writing a love story involving seals is way hard when you're ROCL-ing.

Wow! I feel better now! Writing in CAPS is v. therapeutic!


LucindaF said...

Well, if you want more of ROCL-ing, you should rent, Roan Inish. It's the brick thick Irish accented movie about Selkies.

And for the record, you are V. special.

Michemily said...

I think you're special, and I'm jealous that the "empty nesters" in my great uncle's ward got to talk to you on Monday. I'm working on a book, too, and I'm so scared that no one will want it. At least you have a long writing record behind you.

Lisa B. said...

I tell you, the only solution is to start a press. I want to start a press. It could be a collective, and the collective would meet monthly, and there would be tea and cupcakes. And we would publish stuff. I'm just saying, think about it. We could call it the V. Special Press.

Kim said...

Your books are special to me. I think those editors must be crazy.

James said...

Have the girl decide between a selkie,an orca, a vampire, a werewolf and a walrus named Paul, and I think you might have something that might sell...not necessarily special, but it might sell. I agree with the others. Your writing is special.

Anonymous said...

Ann, you already know how special I think you are - and I'm also thinking that all the "special" topics have been addressed. So, what's a writer to do? Are ALL publishers rejecting EVERYTHING. Not that I've submitted ONE FREAKING THING. But it is fun to type in caps - INTERMITTENTLY, that is. I do that on occasion - in case you haven't noticed.

And if you're a geo-stalker, I'm sending this from the San Jose Airport. Renae