Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What I'm Reading Now

We have that on our e-mail at TKE--"What I'm Reading Now"--and really I'm always so impressed with fellow employees. I feel like I'm in the remedial reading group (let's call ourselves "the Bluebirds," shall we?) compared to them.

BUT! I just finished NAKED ONCE MORE by Elizabeth Peters. Peters writes a smart, sassy mystery, so that was good times. And now I'm reading a new YA novel by an actual YA. It's edgy--plenty o' sex and profanity. But I'm reading it because I'm interested in what an actual YA chooses to emphasize in terms of issues. I'd say this novel deals mostly with the desire and search for self-worth.

On the non-fiction front I'm dipping into STATUS ANXIETY by Alain de Botton. The first three pages have been very interesting.


wjmom said...

Elizabeth Peters (aka Barbara what's-her-name) is a fun, smart, quirky writer. I'm glad you're enjoying her work.

Have fun!

Lisa B. said...

I am reading approximately InStyle, Elle, and Marie
Claire. Not even Vogue, that's how non-aspirational my reading is at the moment. What does this mean?

link2literacy said...

Dear BlueBird,

This is "The YEAR of Utah Authors,"
and so I am currently reading WOLVES, BOYS, and OTHER THINGS THAT MIGHT KILL YOU by Kristen Chandler. I "listen" to audio books for grown ups, and I just finished THE 1000 AUTUMNS OF JACOB de ZOET by David Mitchell.

I'd REALLY like to read that "edgy" YA novel that you did not name - it must be VERY edgy 'cuz you justified why you're reading it. That made me all the more curious, my dear. Please share!

Signed, Robin

ann cannon said...

Dear Robin,

The book is called DUFF by Kody Keplinger. If you read it, let me know what you think!