Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Festival!

So I had this experience today at the festival--I started reading the first chapter of THE CHIHUAHUA CHASE aloud and I suddenly went DAMN! THIS SOUNDS BETTER THAN I REMEMBERED! Do you ever have this experience? By the time you finish a project you're pretty sick of it and you're also pretty sure it stinks. And so you never look at it again. In fact, you avoid making eye contact with it out of sheer embarrassment like it's a family member that's going to make a fool out of himself or herself in front of a large group of people, thereby forcing you to lie and say WE'RE NOT RELATED before slipping out of a back door.

Yeah. That's how I feel about my books in general and this one in particular (because it's the newest). But after reading CHIHUAHUA aloud today, I thought to myself HEY! I would have enjoyed this as a kid! It was a nice moment.

Another nice moment today--a leetle girl walked past The King's English table and squealed, "MOM! LOOK! EYEBALLS AND BOOKS!" She was referring to the eyeball soaps we're selling for Halloween.

Oh, eyeballs. I love you so.


Alyosha said...

That's happened to me, but usually just a line here or there that I find myself laughing at. Even though I wrote them.

LucindaF said...

Yes, that's happened to me. I'm pretty sure that what I've written is pure stink. Then after a decent rest I look back and say, did I really write that?

BTW, I loved Chihuahua. My number 2 boy read it and liked it very much.

Eyeball soap? I would scream with excitement, too.

Melody said...

No, that hasn't happened to me. I'm not a good enough writer. . . but that doesn't really matter because I'm still thinking about Maddox from your other post. To that I say, Damn! That tastes better than I remembered!

I'm going to buy your book tomorrow. Congrats.