Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do you ever

. . . read something you think you SHOULD love? But you kinda don't? I'm having that experience right now with DARK STAR by Alan Furst who is hugely respected on the literary thriller front. The whole time I'm reading this book I'm thinking, yes! It's true! Furst is freaking brilliant as a stylist and as a historian!

But I just haven't been swept up into the book the way I want to be. It's like reading a Russian novel. I have to keep going back to see who is who. Furst would probably take that as a compliment.

Any books ever affect you this way? Which ones?


BBB said...

Not that it's extremely literary or anything, but over the summer I read the first two of the new teen series by Lisa Mangum. "The Hourglass Door" and "The Golden Spiral".

I wanted SO MUCH to like it. She's local, won a pretty well known award in NYC for best teen book of 2009. Blah, blah. I really wanted to like it... but just really didn't. :( Oh well, what can you do?

donnette perkins said...

Wolf Hall. I couldn't ever tell who the hell I was reading about at any given moment. Names were rarely used.

Andria said...

Pretty much everything that the rest of the world considered "literary" is hard for me to swallow. I want to love it. I want to rave about the Pulitzer prize winning novel that everyone else is raving about. But I usually get bored pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

I read MARCH by Geraldine Brooks. I liked YEAH of WONDERS and thought MARCH would be great because it won the Pulitzer Prize and all. B.O.R.I.N.G. Even though the main character was the father to Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy, I couldn't stand him.

Finished the book, hoping it would have a redeeming end. It didn't. At least for me.

P.S. Thanks for the greatest birthday idea for my mom. I wrote up 85 reasons we love her for her 85th b-day today! :)