Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jimmy Carter

Hey, guys, I'm working the Carter event at the bookstore today. I'll be outside from 9-2, managing lines and keeping people happy. Mostly I'm just worried about staying warm. Should be an interesting day.

Speaking of the cold--my boy Dylan mentioned his cute wife, Julie, slipped and fell because of snow issues the other day. Julie is like me--she HATES to be cold, whereas Dylan is his father redux. He's all BRING ON THE SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURES, BABY, BECAUSE THAT'S WHEN I REALLY FEEL ALIVE. Knowing this, I told Dylan that Julie will hold him personally responsible for winter for the rest of their married lives.

I know this because I blame Ken every time it freaking snows.


LucindaF said...

Poor slipping Julie and cold Ann. And I am NOT a fan of the cold. Once I get cold it takes an army of blankets to get me warm again. I love the man Ken, but wishing snow on poor innocent bad circulation people is criminal.

Jimmy Carter? What up wit dat? Is it a fossil book? ha I'm hilarious.

Lisa B. said...

The lineman for the county and also former presidents? HA. Yes you are.

I love snow, but I also feel that snow guarantees me a snow DAY, which means I don't have to work or do anything but stay warm. When that doesn't happy, I feel cheated by the universe. Also, I excuse myself for things like being late on snow days, because, well, it was a snow day? How could anyone expect me to be on time? when there was snow, and I had to stay in bed a little bit longer to look at it? and cope?

Amy said...

You'll be glad to know that Aundrea (who I'm sure you know and love) sent this post to me and told me she blames me. :)