Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling GRUMPY

NOT to be judgmental or anything, but I'm feeling kinda annoyed with the guys announcing the Dallas/Vikings game right now. They're pretty much circling the wagons around Favre, who's recently been accused of sexually harassing a female Jets employee.

MEMO TO GRANDPA FAVRE: Dude. Did you really think you could get away with sexting these days? Only someone who's really OLD would think that. Oh. WAIT.

Anyway, the announcers are all he's a player's player, he always shows up for the game even if his dad is dying and his wife has breast cancer, it's none of our business what he does off the field, we're not here to talk about people's morals anyway, blah blah blah.

All of this may be perfectly true. And no one admires a damn good player more than I do. But implicit in all of this inane announcer banter is (I think) a condemnation of the woman involved somehow, to which I can only say no one should have to put up with a pass from Favre (you saw this coming) EXCEPT HIS RECEIVERS.


Amelia said...

Agreed. Stupid double standards. Also, misogynist NFL commentary. Grr. Did you know I married a Scottish NY Giants fan? How did this happen to me?
PS Did my mom tell you the fab idea I had for you regarding live blogging? You should call her!

LucindaF said...

Why is it a standard of a champion to forsake his family? I am superbly annoyed at this as well.
Only people who think they're more powerful and more important than everyone else think they can get away with sexting. Idiot.

Louise Plummer said...

When did I miss out on the word "sexting"? I feel grumpy not knowing.

The Dixon Family said...

You may have started out grumpy, but you must've smiled by time you hit the pass joke. That was funny:)