Monday, December 28, 2009

My year in review

Over at, Tiffany has a great post about her year in review. So with a grateful nod to a fabulous fellow writer, I'm doing the same thing.

January: Read Scandinavian mysteries (Karin Fossum is divine) and discovered LIFE ON MARS, both of which helped me to survive the month.

February: Helped Carma Wadley judge Sterling Scholars for the D-News, an experience which made me wonder what it would feel like to have a kid who didn't sleep in and miss math finals.

March: Came out of hibernation on March 15, just like always. And yes! There were daffodils blooming in my front yard!

April: Mostly rejoiced that I didn't have to go to soccer games and freeze to death at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings because my kids are old now. I'm always surprised by how crappy the weather is in the spring.

May: Broke my wrist and got a new plate and seven screws to celebrate.

June: Made important new friendships at the BYU conference. And then I sat on my big old behind on a So Cal beach and soaked up the sun.

July: Went to my high school reunion and discovered they can be fun after all.

August: Lived for the first peaches. Peaches never disappoint. Oh yeah and I went to France.

September: Watched football games, of course. Re-discovered how much fun it is to watch them with my dad. Graduated from physical therapy and have (seriously) a diploma to prove it.

October: Went all out for Halloween this year. At times I almost think I like Halloween better than Christmas because there are fewer dishes to wash.

November: Speaking of dishes, I did Thanksgiving at my house and loved it. Had a little come-to-Jesus with my mom and mother-in-law, in an effort to convince them THAT I'M A MATRIARCH NOW, TOO. Which means I shouldn't have to split up my holiday running between both of their places.

December: Seriously, people. The tree in my house puts the tree in the governor's house to shame.

And meanwhile the year was filled with good things to eat.

Happy New Year!


LucindaF said...

Your lists make me smile. a lot. Loved your dnews one as well.

Everything you write is SO you. I love it.

Thanks for being a highlight of my 2009.

donnette perkins said...

Great list. Now you need to write a list of what you ate each month.

wjmom said...

This is fabulous, and--with a nod to a fabulous writer--I think I'm going to do the same thing on my blog.

Happy New Year!

Tiffany said...

Awww, thanks for the nod. (I'm blushing, seriously.) I loved your look back. Happy new year to you!

link2literacy said...

In December, I had to have a "come-to-Jesus" meeting (in a passive-resistance sort of way) with my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW to convince her that I AM THE MATRIARCH of my house, so I should be able to choose the menus and cook what I darn well want to! Even though I'm not half the cook she is. Forgive me for "blog-dropping" my own post, but I want you to know why I took this drastic step! (Please drop by - if you want to and have time.
Thanks, Ann, for brightening my day every day that I read you.