Monday, December 7, 2009

A different breed

So today I spoke to a group of kids at Bryant Intermediate and afterwards two adorable, enthusiastic girls talked to me about the fantasy novels they're writing. They described characters and plot twists at length--already they've both written more than I've written in my whole life.

Which led me, of course, to wonder (not for the first time) why people who write fantasy have SOOOO much more verbal energy than the rest of us.

Fair? I think not.


Lisa B. said...

I cannot count the number of writing students who have whole, novel-length swaths of prose, some of it pretty durn good, in this genre. It has led me to take up the occasional fantasy novel of late, and I have been force to note that there are some pretty awesome writers out there, doing that fantasy work. Wish I had such a book in me. I wish I wish I wish. Alas, for me it is the least remunerative genre of all.

Tiffany said...

You're right! My neighbor is about 12,000 pages into his fantasy novel.

I squeeze blood from rocks to get a sentence.

LucindaF said...

If having a verbal nature is a significant variable in the ability to write, my 8 year old will out-publish the world.

Lucky girls.

candace said...

but what about that thing people say..."less is more." I'm a firm believer.

shelley said...

Fantasy writers aren't plagued by questions like "But is it plausible?"