Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas books

The first year we were married, Ken gave me a Christmas picture book as a gift and I've been collecting ever since. I have to say this year hasn't been super strong on the holiday story front. I finally came home today with THE CHRISTMAS MAGIC by Lauren Thompson with pictures by Jon J. Muth.

It's a quiet book--frankly, I'm not sure kids will love it. But I think the language is lovely: "Every year, just when the nights re longest and the stars shine brightest, Santa feels a tingling in his whiskers. Then he knows that the Christmas magic will soon be here. . . " Muth's blue-hued paintings are a visual treat. So I'm happy with my selection. On Christmas Eve I'll have everyone write a message on the end papers (a la yearbook style) and all will be well.

And now on to food! My daughter-in-law had a fabulous Christmas tea party at her house yesterday with fancy china and an excellent spread. There were scones, cookies, strawberries, and a perfect quiche. Talk about Christmas magic!


LucindaF said...

Merry Christmas my beautiful friend. I love your little traditions and passions. Somehow I need to figure out how to get down there so I can put on my snuggly pj's and have you read a few Christmas books to me. Don't forget to show me the pictures before you turn the page.

Erin said...

I just titled my Blog post as "Christmas books" as well. I remember my Christmasses through the books that I read.

Lisa B. said...

One of my Christmas plans this year--of which about 38% have come to pass, so there's that--was to come to your house and see your tree. This post makes me a little sad that I didn't get there . . . but I didn't know you had everyone sign the book, which is lovely--a beautiful observance.

Christmas tea--what delightful words!