Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another reason why I love Ken Cannon

Today Ken Cannon went with two of our boys to see the new James Bond movie.  When they returned home, I asked how they liked it.

BOY:  We liked it, but Dad didn't.

ME:  Why?

BOY:  He thought it strained credibility.

How can you not love a man who, after watching James Bond movies his whole life, gave this one a thumbs down because it wasn't believable?

This reminds me of when I went to see the first Mission Impossible movie with the Coach, who watched quietly until that part where Tom Cruise is sort of flying in front of the train.  That's when the Coach snorted and said loud enough for many to hear, "Oh, right.  Like THAT could happen."

Because you know.  The rest of that movie did not strain credibility.


Paige said...

Oh Mission Impossible and dear Bond. If I'm in the theater it's easy for me to get involved and suspend my disbelief but If I'm at home watching there's no chance. It's funny to have this conversation about Dora the Explorer.

Louise Plummer said...

I thought the latest Bond movie was the weakest of the lot. There wasn't one character that interested me, including Bond himself. There was no story about characters. They were just paper dolls moving around in fast cars. A real snooze.

James said...

My favorite Ken Cannon comment about movies occurred at Capistrano Beach several years ago We had just seen Independence Day. Its the Will Smith/Jeff Goldblum movie where a giant spaceship is about to obliterate earth before Will Smith (the pilot) and Goldblum (computer nerd) are able to hack into the aliens computer system and shut down a protective shield so earthlings can destroy the spaceship before it destroys us. I mentioned how stupid it was that Goldblum would be able to hack into the computer system of Aliens. Who knew computer codes are universal? I smugly quipped.

Ken: "So that was the only thing you didn't believe about that movie?"

Lisa B. said...

I *go* to those movies to have my credulity strained. Because without stretching/challenging credulity, it just atrophies. You know? You want your credulity to get a workout sometimes. I liked the previous Bond--Skyfall--better than this one. But Spectre is a good title. So, you know. Tomato/tomato.

Philsy C said...

Bwahahahahahah! I love Dad. I had a similar moment the other day, though not as funny.

Kendell: Do you like my new glasses?

Me: I LOVED them. Which ones were they?

Can we create a term for this? Something obviously much more clever than a "Kenny-Moment". Perhaps a case of the Nippy Ipsons?