Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Turning into someone

Sometimes I used to feel annoyed with my grandmother because she. could. not. sit. still.  (Is using periods like that after each word still a thing?)

Like, she would plan a trip to see friends in Oregon, but as soon as she got there, she started getting all antsy to go home.  Or if you tried to have a conversation with her, you could tell that after five minutes she was all WE'RE DONE HERE, because she wanted to go clean a kitchen instead.  Physical restlessness ran like blood through her veins.   Because what else runs though veins?  Except maybe ice water if you're a steely-eyed character in a mystery novel?  

And I used to think unto myself, I love my grandmother, but I don't want to be like that.

Well guess what.

What is at the root of this?  Any ideas?  And what can I do to be more present?  Besides coloring in my new mindfulness coloring book?


Lisa B. said...

Oh, darling Ann. If periods after each word ISN'T a thing, how will we know that you slowed down to emphasize each one?

I bet you can sit outside, when it's not freezing, and look at the light filtering through leaves for hours. I know I could. Or anyway, I like to think I could. Right now, I am sitting at my laptop (whoa! there's a surprise!) where half (so far) of my students have stood me up, and I am all, DAMN I wanna go get a milkshake. Or anything. But I won't, I'll sit here and wait for the last two of my students to show/not show, que sera sera, and then I'm going to go lie down on my bed and watch TV. Mindfulness, yo.

Lauren said...

Tap your forehead repeatedly.

And then repeat. Your. Favorite. Mantra.

Lauren said...

Tap your forehead repeatedly.

And then repeat. Your. Favorite. Mantra.

James said...

The root of it all is you feel you have so much to do. I think its the "Oh the Places You Will Go!" mentality that we have. Its a good thing in the whole, but I know it can be frustrating and a thief of the present. My personal cures:
1. A fish taco from Pedros
2. A Cronut from Seaside donuts
3. and like Lisa B says, watching light filter through leaves

Coloring in the Adult coloring book probably works too.