Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Things that are more fun in theory than they are in real life

I'd love to read YOUR lists.

Meanwhile, here's a piece I wrote for the Trib.  La-Z-Boy recliners, the Pirates of the Caribbean, popcorn, and cuddle parties are involved.


James said...

1. Boy Scout Camping Trips--Fairly "farty" self-explanatory...plus the khaki, shorts and scarves are disturbing;
2. Dropping acid in the pool--I mean literally acid-washing the pool, which involves dropping acid in the pool;
3. Eating at all you can eat buffets in Las Vegas--I hate to have to admit this, but a man can only eat so many enchiladas, brats, and slices of pizza in one night, especially when the food is mostly mediocre.

Paige said...

That's so true about Disneyland -- we're having so much fun waiting in line! Right? You'd better say yes because these tickets cost a lot of money.
1. Family hikes.
2. Walking the dog. (our dog anyway)
3. Collecting things: shells, rocks, spoons, lint...

shelley said...

I went to a movie theater in Chennai, India, about 10 years ago. They had enormous recliners just like that, except the volume of the movie left your ears ringing, and they had dozens of spices for the popcorn. I didn't even recognize most of the selection, but was afraid to try them for fear my mouth would burn up!