Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy birthday, Vashti Louise

Today is my grandmother's birthday.  And even though she's been gone for over twenty years, I find I miss her more and more--maybe because I'm a grandmother myself now.

Right now I am thinking of her "cures" for things.  Like Seabreeze.  Remember Seabreeze?  My grandmother always had a bottle on hand and she would dump it on you and tell you it would make you better.  She also believed that warm Jell-O water was full of restorative properties, and she would make it for you when you were sick.

Here's what else I remember about my grandmother.  Shortly before dying, she planted a perennial garden.  She had that much faith in the future.

Today I am going to buy a cupcake and eat it in her honor.

Love you, Grandma.


James said...

Warm Jell-O Water does have restorative properties...sugar! I miss her too.

Lisa B. said...

I love this so much. and also I loved Seabreeze. I wish it were as restorative now as it was then. Because I totally do believe that it cured all manner of ills, especially mosquito bites. I love that she planted a perennial garden.

Emily said...

Warm Jello! My grandma did this too!! I thought she was the only person in the world. This is a lovely tribute to your grandma.