Friday, July 10, 2015

Texting challenged

Here's a text thread I just had with my friend about attending a certain lecture together.

ME:  I have to be in Provo covering an event for the paper.  Are you wanting to go, too?

HER:  Yes.  I'm hoping to go.

ME:  Good!  Let's hang out!!

HER:  Awesome blossom!

ME:  I can drive if you'd like to ho together.

Please notice that last sentence.  Yes.  I accidentally said "ho" instead of "go."  I hope the visual of two middle-aged Mormon ladies ho-ing in Provo amuses you as much as it does me.

You're welcome.


Paige said...

Ho-down! Hope it was a heck of a good time down south.
ps - I've always wanted a Newfoundland. And when we asked our landlord if she'd reconsider the "no pets" policy in our contract she said sure "but I hope you'll get a smaller dog and not something like a Newfoundland." Which is probably better that way because the medium-sized mut we got fills up our house with a lot of hair and personality as is.

radagast said...

Yes. Yes it does.