Monday, July 27, 2015

A tiny thank you note to my garden

Dear My Garden,

I had such big plans for you this year, remember?  And when spring came rolling down the mountains this year back in March, I hung out with you a ton.  We were BFFs going to the mall, trying on this outfit and that outfit, so that when summer came rolling around you'd be outfitted with more daisies than a 1960's bride.


I don't know.

This year.

It's kinda kicked my butt, frankly, so the two of us pretty much stopped hanging out together.  I hate to say I abandoned you, but okay.  I did.  That's why when I stood on the porch today and (surprise!) saw your coral roses and pink dailyness and white phlox and yes--your daisies--shimmer with morning light, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the way you've kept calm and carried on.

Thank you, My Garden.


Lisa B. said...

Isn't that the best thing about gardens? they so repay you a zillion fold for just the bittiest bit of effort. My roses have been champs this year, and even the new ones I planted weeks ago are blooming so prettily. Daisies, pincushion flowers, the cosmos just now showing up, phlox, and my bee-buzzy lavender...I am in love with it, in its messy and mostly untended glory. You and your garden have long been an inspiration to me. xoxoxo

Louise Plummer said...

God bless perennials!