Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Personal bucket thing

Well, it's true that my personal bucket thing has gone empty.  For a lot of reasons, I'm just all tapped out every which way these days.  But whatever.  That's not the point of this blog.  The point is that I'm trying to refill my personal bucket thing and to wit--this story.

I felt like some soothing, calming music might be in order to restore my ragged nerves, so the other day when I was driving around I saw a Deseret Book and the thought did occur unto me that MAYBE a cd by the Mormon Tabernacle choir might be just the thing for me.

Yes.  I know.

So I pulled into the parking lot, went inside, and impulse-bought a cd (a double cd, even!) of the Mo-Tabs singing patriotic tunes.

Yes again.  I know.

Anyway, I popped it into my car's cd player and after listening to the chorus of "Over There" (THE YANKS ARE COMING!  THE YANKS ARE COMING!) I went what the hell.

Moral of this story:  resist the temptation to impulse buy a cd of the Mo-Tabs singing patriotic tunes when you need to fill your bucket thing.


Dianna said...

This is the greatest thing I've read all week. Thank you, and watch out for those Yanks.

Louise Plummer said...

Wrong album. You might have enjoyed John Phlips Souza marches more.

Megan Goates said...

I comment here too much. I KNOW. But. I can't stop laughing about this. On Sunday, after the youth speakers gave talks about freedom and living in this free land, we stood and sang the rest hymn God Save the King. My friend Shirley said, "Well, this is awkward." What the hell, is right.

radagast said...

So with you on the bucket thing and the to wit. And I have my occasional (and brief!) lapses into Mormon music. Sometimes on the way to Starbucks on Sunday morning I'll turn the radio to KBYU and there will be Praise to the Man or A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief and damn if it doesn't take me back to the family pew, middle section, three rows up, at the North Jordan 3rd ward, me trying to find the bass line before my voice and beliefs have entirely made up their mind to change.

Lisa B. said...

My girl, we need to make you a real good mix tape. I have been listening to this fairly profane playlist on Spotify when I work out, to the extent that a Destiny's Child song called "Check Up On it," which begins with a Slim Thug rap that says, 'You need to stop playing round with all them clowns and the wankstas,/Good girls gotta get down with them gangstas,' and goes on from there. I would put a sample representative lyric, but it is of no redeeming social value, and utterly catchy, so much so that I CAN.NOT. STOP myself from singing a little bit while I'm, like, doing flys and what not. (https://youtu.be/Qa3O9d8X0yo, just fyi, although your mileage may vary.) Also, that JayZ song I have been extolling, 'H.O.V.A.,' which is basically one super long brag, and which I find entirely cheering: 'H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A/Not guilty, he who does not feel me is not real to me/Therefore he doesn't exist/So poof...vamoose son of a bitch.' Vamoose! OMG. (https://youtu.be/1tWmyPMf3wU --this one bleeps several offensive words, just in case that's how you roll.) Well, I hope you have understood my point, which is that you need some less uplifting music, which will allow you to rap along with miscreants, and there is NOTHING more uplifting than that.

James said...

I like the Mo-Tab, but I don't think I have ever put them on a musical bucket list. I did see them perform once in Las Vegas. They sang a traditional song from some country in Africa. The shimmied, they "shaked", and they grooved to the rhythms of Africa. It was real, it was surreal, it was surprisingly entertaining. RESPECT!

Now, go and listen to a little Lyle Lovett and his Large Band, Johnny Cash, Willie, and Merle. It will be good for the soul.

Lauren said...

A good listening of Come Thou Fount from MoTab does me well. The violins in the final verse, that's where it's at.

My latest tunes while bumbling through these latest days at work:

None of them are MoTab.

Angela Sandberg said...

Oh, this made me lol. It's too bad the album you grabbed wasn't the one where they are singing, "Yes, We Have No Bananas!" A delight. For the soul.... ;)