Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Judge not

Because, of course, you'll probably get it all wrong.

Like, last night I went to a concert up at the church to hear a choir of mostly middle-aged women perform Christmas songs.  They were lovely women, none of whom immediately caught my eye as possible bongo drum players.


A number of the songs the group sang were old spirituals that required some bongo-ing and WOW!  The choir member who stepped up to the drum plate was about the last person I expected to do so.  She looked like someone who might write etiquette books as a hobby.  But sister wailed.  Not only did she play that bongo drum, she rocked it.   I'll admit it.  I goggled.

It always restores my interest in the human race when someone does something unlikely.

Way to go, human beings!

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Lisa B. said...

I am *also* a fan of musical events where instrumentation is a feature, since it's always mildly scandalous in the LDS Chapel. Rock on, the Mormons! and bongos seems especially splendid, because, if you look at your instrument classifications, you'll find that "bongo" falls under the genus "DRUMS." Drums! in the chapel! (I'm probably assuming the chapel--if it wasn't in the chapel, don't disabuse me, because it will somehow make the story less wonderful to me.)