Friday, December 5, 2014

I love my TKE family

So, as some of you may recall, The King's English has an ugly sweater competition each year.  And, as some of you may also recall, I never win that contest, in spite of my best efforts.  You may read about my frustrations in one of last year's Christmas columns.

Anyway.  Today was our annual party, and certain people at the store were talking crap to me (I'm looking at you, Paula).   They were all like, "I'm working on my sweater, yo.  You don't stand a chance, yo."

And I thought to myself, "They're right, yo.  I don't stand a chance, yo."

So it was with a heavy heart this morning that I broke out the old sweater.  In fact, I almost didn't put it on.  In fact, I almost didn't go because I'm not feeling very well.  But that's another story, PLUS WHICH this party is one of the highlights of my year.

So I went.

And when I walked into Sally's house, I noted--because I have excellent noting skills--that I was the only person wearing a Christmas sweater.  Also antlers.


So then I said, "Did I not get the memo?"  whereupon Whitney fell on the floor.  Laughing.

They let me win, people.  My TKE family LET. ME. WIN.  It's a freaking Christmas miracle, yo.


Joseph Ramirez said...

Aw! This touches my heart. I wish I lived closer to SLC, because I'd totally shop at TKE. That said, I am in Provo these days... sometime I'll make it up there.

shelley said...

TKE is the best. And so are you.

Angela Sandberg said...

Aw, I knew they were a good bunch. <3

radagast said...

I love that place and those people even more, now. Hope you feel better soon!

Emily said...

I'm weeping right now.