Monday, January 13, 2014

Spy vs. Spy

So we have two cats that hate each other.  They spend their days plotting the other's demise.  They hide in baskets or lurk around corners or go undercover on the couch, just waiting for the other to walk by and then BAM!  Cat feathers everywhere.  They aren't tussling.  They aren't having a little kitten-ish good-natured fun.  They want to steal each other's state secrets and then execute the other.  You know.  Like Spy vs. Spy.  Which suddenly makes me want to go buy myself a MAD Magazine.    But that's not the point.

The point is that I always say to them, "Can't we all just get along?"  But then it occurs to me that some people like to define themselves in terms of their enemies.  And so, apparently, do some cats.

So carry on, Cats.  Who am I to interfere with your efforts to secure your identities?


James said...

I wonder if there is Mad Magazine in Heaven. If so, then there surely will be laughter.

radagast said...

"Cat feathers" makes me smile. And sneeze a little bit.

Lisa B. said...

well, and secure classified documents and also uranium to enrich, so they can start a nuclear arms race. Ann. You need to have some kind of accord process here, or it will be all Bay of Pigs up in your house. You heard it here first.

[cat feathers = the best.]

Louise Plummer said...

Which makes me think of bird fur.

Emily said...

"Cat feathers everywhere."


Donna said...

some people define themselves by their enemies...Oh my gosh is that the truest thing I have ever heard? I also loved cat feathers!! we all did. could you write a children's book about your cats? these few short paragraphs were intriguing, we all loved it...your regular readers are sort of like the coffee klatch, right? We all love you and love to meet here. There is something to cat feathers...something that needs to be written about. Thoughts? Btw my blog stinks. I spent hours on a blog post that is so bad I may never write again. I wanted to do a journey to 60, I need to tell you how to get there right? But it is so bad that I cannot even describe how bad it is.