Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Photo Day Three (and also a meditation on why it's so hard to write in the 21st Century)

Behold!  The new peony Heather put aside for me at Trellis Garden Center!  Holy cow, folks, it's a yellow!  peony!  It's a new beast--part tree peony and part herbaceous peony.  I am thrilled with the
huge-y dahlia-esque flowers.  (If only peonies lasted longer.)

As for the meditation part--it's hard to write in the 21st-century and here's why:  you dutifully open up your computer to write.  But instead you get online and notice that a story called "Miami Cannibal Attack" is currently trending.  Which do you choose?  The pain of writing?   Or the perversity of reading about possible cannibals in Miami?

Yup.  Me, too.


radagast said...

That peony looks like it could eat a Floridian!

James said...

Naked cannibals, nonetheless. Chalk it up to research for your next YA book: "Naked Cannibals and Herbaceous Peonies."