Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biker Guy

Normally I have issues with people on street bikes.  I hate the way they feel like they own the road in their fancy biking clothes--zipping in and out of traffic like sleek, self-satisfied seals.  They act like bikes when it suits them.  They act like cars when it suits them.  And meanwhile they generally manage to leave me seething.

And then this happened.

So there I was waiting at a red light on South Temple when a biker pulled up on my right.  Only he didn't look like the typical lean, muscley-calfed bikers who troll the Aves.  No.  In his dopey jeans and baggy golf shirt, he looked more like those big beefy guys with hairy forearms who used to deliver beer for Bill at 8th Avenue Market.  He was just a big, big man on a little bike.   Also, did I mention Biker Guy wasn't wearing a helmet?

Anyway, Biker Guy didn't just act like he owned the road.  Biker Guy flat-out DOMINATED it, baby.  First thing I know, he's hanging a major left.  In front of me.  In front of the car on my left.  On a red.  Then he totally looked it down Seventh East like he was shattering land speed records out there on the Salt Flats.  He even overtook two serious bikers in their tight little outfits with European logos stamped everywhere.


Okay.  I seriously, seriously get there is nothing good about this scenario.  Biker Idiot Guy is gonna kill himself and possibly someone else one day.  But I have to say I went momentarily slack jaw with a grudging admiration for his audacity, and the only thing I could think to yell at him was rock on, dude.

Rock.  On.


radagast said...

Ha! Self-satisfied seals! Perfect.

CSIowa said...

Do you think he would give me some of his audacity if I asked nicely?