Monday, May 7, 2012

And you thought I couldn't post a picture . . .

ECU game.  I thought we were gonna get a bench-clearing.  I LOVE A GOOD BENCH-CLEARING!
Digitalis baby!  Responsible for many a death in English murder mysteries! (Duke gardens btw)
My boy Dylan and his baby, Eloise J. 

Look at this beautiful mama!

ECU stadium.  Almost as nice as Ken Price field.


Turns out this baby doesn't have claustrophobia.  She LOVES rolling underneath a bed.

She's got legs . . .

Little house on the golf course!

Julie's moustache car . . .

Um.  I don't know how to make this one turn right side up.  ARRGH!!!!

In case you're in Greenville with the kids this weekend . . .

Here's what I bought myself at the gas station when I was feeling peckish--a Dr. Pepper, pork rinds, and a MOON PIE!

Dylan, Julie, Eloise, Moi, and Dylan's fellow grad students at Winslow's.  (I had b-b-q and slaw, natch.  Also fried pickles.)

Dylan rocking a bow tie.  His dad would be so proud.
Look here!  B's!  Best b-b-q ever.  Happy to see the sanitation score has risen since the last time I was here.


Lisa B. said...




you are a picture posting machine now! I LOVE IT! There's nothing that says "what I ate when I was feeling peckish" than a PICTURE of a Dr. P, bag of pork rinds, moon pie.

This is, like, momentous. I did not think it was possible to love your blog any more, but I was wrong.

Emily said...

Did an eleven-year-old help you post those pictures?

Love the DP, pork rinds and moon pie. My kind of dinner.

Louise Plummer said...

What do you eat when you're really hungry?

James said...

I want some B's BBQ, although I am not convinced it can beat Leo's in OKC. Great pictures.

Emma said...

Everyone looks so happy. I love it. And now a confession, I've never had a Moon Pie...or pork rinds, but now I'm curious about trying both.

These pictures actually make me miss NC - and I didn't think that would be possible.