Thursday, May 17, 2012

How things have changed since I had a two year-old myself

I'm babysitting my two year-old granddaughter this week, WHICH HAS BEEN AWESOME.  It's funny how little has changed in the decades since I took care of my own kids . . . and how much things have changed, too.

For example, I never worried much about putting sunscreen on my kids.  I'm sure it was invented by then.  And probably other parents of my generation slathered up their babies, but I never did, probably out of sheer laziness.  But I have been v. good about taking care of my granddaughter on this front, although whenever I pull out the aerosol sunblock, I feel like I'm spray painting a baby.

We call that Grandma Vandalism.


wjmom said...

Spray-on sunscreen--who knew, right?

Lisa B. said...

It is CRAZY how much more careful they are now. In a good way, but still. I told my daughter that when I think of her and her siblings' childhood, I feel reflexively guilty.