Monday, December 5, 2011

R.I.P Jimmer

Remember how I had that fish Jimmer? And remember how I used to give periodic updates here because no one in my family thought a fish could survive for more than a week at this house what with cats and lackadaisical feeding schedules? And remember how that fish just kept on living? And living and living and etc. living? And how I stopped chronicling all that living because it got boring and I got all cocky?

"Yeah, this fish is gonna live for-freaking-ever," I said to myself. Cockily.

Well. I just walked into the kitchen and saw that poor Jimmer has gone belly-up. He's dead. Dead as a goldfish. At least the kind of goldfish we usually get. Oh, Jimmer, we hardly knew ye. It's true that you lived with us for ten months, which is a long time. It's like maybe a 100 years in Human Time. But still. It's hard to know what fish are thinking when you get right down to it. Also feeling.

Anyway. I wish him well in his next life, whatever that life looks like. Meanwhile, please feel free to sign his guestbook.

R.I.P., Jimmer.


radagast said...

Rest In Plumbing? Sorry. Sad. So sad. Koi pond in the sky, dude.

Louise Plummer said...

Yes, rest in plumbing. I gave Elliot a fish three years ago while his parents were in Mexico. They did not want a fish. Never named it. They just call it Fish. It lives in murky water half the week. And yet it grows and thrives. The Methuselah of fish!

Becca said...

Ann! A goldfish died at my house yesterday, too. No kidding. All drains lead to the ocean, mate. That's what I said to it, anyway.

That puts us down to one pet. Also a goldfish. Which is, you know, just about all I can handle, petwise.

James said...

Some days the basket looks as big as the entire was that way everyday for Jimmer. Many a gold fish would have loved his life and celebrity status.

Marcia said...

Louise hit on something there. We buy goldfish to feed our turtle. But, Tessa always falls in love with the ones who don't perish immediately. So we keep them. I tell her I will only feed them to Alice (the turtle) once they have passed on to their great reward. Presently, we have four such fish living in a bowl that is always murky like their cousin Fish's living conditions.

To keep a goldfish alive, one must hope for it to die.