Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Reason I Heart The Rodeo Queen

This is the phone conversation I just had with my mother, hereafter referred to as TRQ.

TRQ: So I guess we're all going to the Tabernacle Choir concert tonight.

ME: Yes. It appears so.

TRQ: What time is it again?

ME: The tickets say we have to be in our seats by 7:30 or else our tickets are invalid. But I misread it, of course, and thought they said if we're not all in our seats by 7:30, they'll turn us into invalids. You know. People who can't walk and stuff.

TRQ: Ugh. That's so late.

ME: Yes. You're right.

TRQ: Well. I just hope they don't have any of those damn bell ringers this time.

I have known that woman for 55 years, people, and this is the first time I've learned that she apparently has issues with bell ringers.


Erin said...

I love your family and the conversations you have. I have a hard time picturing your mother having a grudge against bell ringers!

Lisa B. said...

That is HILARIOUS. (srsly, bell ringers are THE WORST.)

(kidding--I kind of like bells, and bell ringers, for that matter.)

wjmom said...

TRQ has a point, damn it!

shelley said...

Wow, that made me laugh!

Louise Plummer said...

Oh you can be sure they'll have the bellringers. Once you buy bells, you need ringers.

Emily said...

I want more of the Rodeo Queen. I LOVE her.

Emma said...

I love you and your mom. The image of ushers turning you into invalids made me laugh out loud (What a sweet misprint if it had been one), and so does the image of grown up bell ringers.