Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Night's Concert

So in the end we all thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Lovely music. Lovely lighting. Lovely set design. TRQ behaved herself when the bell ringers showed up. She did have a tiny bone to pick, however, with some of the medieval costuming. Basically TRQ felt like she went to a Mo Tab concert and a production of "Spamelot" with dancing knights broke out.

But as I say it was a wee small (practically invisible!) bone, because you know what? Nothing says "Happy Christmas" like great Mormon Tabernacle Choir music.

And also dancing knights.


radagast said...


Louise Plummer said...

Yes the Tab choir goes broadway, but it's hard to be truly grumpy at those events. It's all done with such intense frivolity and well done at that.

cfarr said...

It is after midnight and I am reading your posts laughing and trying not to make a sound, since Steve is sleeping a foot away! Oh my, you crack me up as always! Carrie Farr

James said...

Well maybe King Arthur and Patsy found Mormon's instead of Jews...A temple of a different color, or order, or whatever.

Bob the Woodworker said...

And women dressed up like medieval nuns!