Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello from Eugene!

I'm here to see the fabulous granddaughter and also to watch the game in Corvallis where BYU will hopefully not suck.

I also want to mention that today is the 103rd anniversary of the last time the Cubs won the World Series. Like Alec's computer decal says: "Anyone can have an off-century."

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Bob the Woodworker said...

People are always bothering me about being a Cubs fan. Too many wonderful ghosts not to be a Cubs fan - Tinker and Evers and Chance (Tinker and Evers hated each other so much they didn't even talk to each other all those years they were turning double plays), Three Finger Brown, whose industrial accident enabled him to throw the wickedest breaking pitches in the history of the game, Hack Wilson, whose all-time best 190 RBIs in 1930 will stand with DiMaggio's hit streak forever but whose sad life will always bring a tear, Ernie Banks' (let's play two!) total happiness on the field. And Wrigley Field, built as a Federal League ballpark, holds all those memories and is the perfect ballpark and was built during Woodrow Wilson's first term! So, it doesn't really matter whether the Cubs have had an off century or if they have another - they deserve fans.