Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More TV Talk

So we're into the fall season a few weeks now, and I'm still trying on a few new shows to see if they fit. So far . . . I don't know. Watched THE NEW GIRL last night for the first time and think Zooey Deschanel is pretty cute, although she does make me hold my breath for fear that she'll morph into Meg Ryan right before my very eyes. I'm also a person who's interested in PERSON OF INTEREST (hahaha!) although I never really know what's going on due to knitting and eating and talking on the phone while watching.

I think the one I like the best so far is (guilty pleasure time!) REVENGE. Because you know what? It's fun watching rich, good-looking people suffer for their crime of being both richer and better looking than I am. Awesome!

Your thoughts on shows new and old?


Emily said...

My favorite is still Parenthood. It's smart and funny and every episode I'm guaranteed to laugh and cry.

Season three just started.

I'll have to try your recommendations. I haven't heard of Revenge. I'll look it up today...sounds like my kind of show.

Lisa B. said...

I am a fan, after only two episodes, of the Maria Bello Prime Suspect. It is good, and she is swell. So much good acting and shooting and grit! It is swell.

Also, I too am enjoying The New Girl--it's kind of fun to see ZD in this small-screen, short-format setting.

Also, I am watching The Sing-Off, and love love loving it. LOVE.

James said...

Old faves: The Amazing Race, Modern Family, The Good Wife, Castle, L&O Special Victims

New: I agree with Lisa B. Prime Suspect is good.

Disappointed in Up All Night. Its the one with Gob married to the Bundy girl.

candace said...

I'm with Lisa B. about The Sing-Off. The judges toatly make it for me. Ben Folds is so weird and I love Sarah Berellis. or however you spell her name. It's on Mondays at 8 PM, I believe...

Louise Plummer said...

I'm watching almost all my TV on HULU. Am I the only person on earth who has followed FRINGE from the beginning? I'm missing Peter Bishop this season.

I still watch THE OFFICE hoping for a miracle.