Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My editor at the Trib has asked me to have a fairly active facebook presence under the paper's umbrella, so that's up and running now. Feel free to visit it if you have the inclination and push the "like" button, because that will make the IT people happy. I do have a personal fb account which I rarely visit. Mostly I opened it to torture my children and to spy on them whenever I feel like it. YES, CHILDREN! YOUR MOTHER SPIES ON YOU! I may take down that profile down--I can barely stop on top of my cyber life as it is.

HOWEVER, I will keep blogging. Even though this isn't a private blog, I feel like I'm among my friends here. I always enjoy your comments, and I love checking out your blogs, too, even though I don't always comment. This blog is a bit of a writing refuge for me, so thanks for that.


Lisa B. said...

I just "liked" you. It's probably not necessary to point out that I have liked you for a long time. In fact, I love you. Take that, Facebook.

LucindaF said...

Where is the, I CRAZY LOVE YOU, button? huh?

And I'm all for spying on children. It's one of the bonuses of pro-creation.

Jenny said...

Like! Finally, a good reason to get on Facebook.

Chris said...

Oh, you are very liked, Ann Edwards Cannon. In all liklihood, one of the most likest persons who was ever liked.

But I still won't get on Facebook. My children are all adults now (so are they still children?) and I don't want to spy on them. I'm happy with whatever lies they tell me. Mmmm. The ostrich life.

Donna said...

You are among friends!! Hey go and read my blog about Mormon formals....I wasn't for them, now I am!!!