Thursday, December 16, 2010

An observation about dogs

So Geoff and I were driving home last night after seeing the grandbaby (she's in town! staying with her fab grandmother Karin!) when we saw a guy out walking a dog wearing one of those dog coats. Geoff snorted and went I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE PUT CLOTHES ON DOGS. DON'T THEY KNOW DOGS ARE MADE OUT OF FUR?

I loved that--dogs being made out of fur.

Also, it feels good to use the shift key like that. So good.


LucindaF said...

I let my 5 year old get a sweater for our dog and my husband thinks it's an atrocity. ha ha. But we have a wussy dog that freezes. And it cracks me up.

radagast said...

Ha. I thought the GUY (capital letters ARE fun) was wearing the dog coat. Some newfangled garb that covers both dog and dog walker. Like a Snuggie. A Woofie, maybe. Go ahead, entrepreneurs. You may use that.

Mystery Girl said...

One thing I'd like to point out, you hardly ever see cats wearing sweaters, the only exception being the declawed ones and the expressions on their faces say it all.

Louise Plummer said...

I would like to have a dog sweater.