Friday, December 3, 2010

Ideas for10 things to do at 3:41 a.m.

1. Wonder why you can't sleep
2. Worry about something stupid you said in the seventh grade
3. Worry about something stupid you said yesterday
4. Wonder if you remembered to take the frozen pie shell out of the freezer last night to make a quiche for TKE's staff Christmas party this morning
5. Think about reading but decide against it because it involves actual effort
6. Think about knitting but decide against it because it involves actual effort
7. Worry about your Visa bill
8. Notice that both your dogs breathe really loudly in the middle of the night--same with your husband
9. Randomly search the Web and discover that both of Katy Perry's parents were preachers
10. Wow. Katy Perry's parents are probably surprised by the way things turned out

Oh yeah. And there's always blogging.


Amelia said...

In future, it is useful to know that scotland is 7 hours ahead of you. So you could always call me for a chat!

Also, you could read this and laugh.
(if you haven't already)

Lisa B. said...

Oh, Amelia, I have recently read the Sneaky Hate Spiral again at your suggestion and it is SO worth the price of admission. (free, in case you're wondering.)

Oh, Ann, I might have been awake myself at 3:41 a.m. But I just lay there like a slightly insomniac slug, burrowed in the blankets. Because it was too cold to do anything else, even to think very many thoughts. And now it is 7:23. And I must bake a tres leches cake. The end.

Ashley said...

Haha! Love number 9 and 10! You crack me up! Hilarious.

Andria said...

Love your list!

Anonymous said...

Hey - there's always S.E.X. - that that take effort! ;)

Anonymous said...

Why don't I EVER proof-read my comments????? Delete it, Ann. Please! I'll revise and submit again.

Becca said...

2, 3, 7 - I am a world-champion middle-of-the-night worrier. Why do the worries flare up like that? And why do I let them MATTER so much?
(maybe take a nap today, I'm just saying)

Louise Plummer said...

It depresses me that I had to google Katy Perry, although I have actually heard that song, "I kissed a girl."

The Dixon Family said...

You are hilarious. I spend those hours worrying if I'm awake too. I did not know that about Katy Perry!

Tiffany said...

"...and please bless Katy that she will remember what we tried to teach her in her youth, and that she will stop singing trashy songs that make her billions...."

You are the best.

Bob the Woodworker said...

At least your husband only breathes hard and talks in his sleep. He does not snore like some other people he knows (although Ann doesn't snore when she is awake at 3:41 a.m.