Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Ovid said (and he would know)

On Saturday at SCBWI Matthew Kirby shared a number of his favorite writer quotes with us. I liked this one by dead Roman guy Ovid: "But still, the fates will leave me my voice, and by my voice I shall be known." Awesome quote, that.

Meanwhile, on the food front, I bought some pumpkin pie spice eggnog. Here's what I discovered--it tastes exactly like non pumpkin pie spice eggnog. WELL OF COURSE IT DOES! Because eggnog is all about the spice anyway. So unless you want an eggnog that's slightly more orange in color, don't bother.

You're welcome.


LucindaF said...

I love smart crap from dead Romans.
And wish I could drink eggnog.

Donna said...

Ok, lets see.......Ann Cannon at the Trib.......what's next? Ann Cannon wears red at Utah game sitting next to Nancy Reagan pouring over the Junior League recipe book while contemplating botox with her swell friends, Buffy, Muffy and Sugar.
The world has turned on its axis...my ears are bleeding...I am taking to my bed..I cannot bear this cruel new world.
Wake me when it's over..
BTW - LAUGHED OUT LOUD OVER NEW COLUMN!! It was hysterical, those Brits crack me up.
“You are going to be alone this Christmas. That’s because nobody likes you. I, however, will provide you with a basic meal and some pleasant company on the understanding that you do not criticize my collection of antique medical implements. Tidy man, 51. Size 9 slipper. Box no. 7314.”
I mean seriously...I am going to use that tonight in a perfectly boring Planning commission meeting, (why are we denying your ridiculous request? Because we do not like you!!)
Seriously Ann good luck, I love your column, I love you, and the Trib is one lucky paper. I wish I could have been your agent in the negotiations, me as agent? doesn't that give you a chill? Probably better to just get gig....