Sunday, November 21, 2010

My 2nd column in the Trib

Once again, for probably the ten billionth time, Ann doesn't know how to provide her readers with a link to her column. Here it is right here.


Lisa B. said...

And a brilliant one it was. I particularly love the bit about the slim jim. As funny lines go, it doesn't get funnier than this:

"Just pay for your Slim Jim and get out of here, OK?"

I bow down.

[word verif: havard--I believe this signifies the superiority of your column?]

Amy said...

Dear whoever is posting the links for technologically-challenged Ann,

Thank you. Because now I know that Ann and I are the same kind of person!

Sara Z. said...

Turbans are staging a comeback?? Where have I been? I am still trying to understand how to wear skinny jeans!

Randi said...

I loved it!

Tiffany said...

Oh you KNOW you're going to get an anonymously gifted turban this year now, don't you?

Thanks for the giggles!