Monday, November 22, 2010

I feel kinda naked

Yes. I think "naked" is a good word to capture a reader's attention. Don't you?

But that's how I'm feeling. I have this FABULOUS new editor at the Trib--love her!--who told me that the Trib has a conservative approach to style. They like the words to speak for themselves. To this end they rarely italicize or use caps and exclamation points.

WELL! YOU CAN SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING! Over the past decade of writing my column for the d-news, I have certainly come to rely upon capping and exclamation pointing as my favorite go-to techniques. And, in fact, I think I've overdone both. So being forced to rein myself in is actually a good thing. Still. And also anyway. I feel naked without my rhetorical crutches. So! Expect! a! lot! of! random! punctuation! in! my! blog!


Lisa B. said...

O!M!G! It's like being held up at gunpoint and being denuded of your most VALUABLE POSSESSIONS!

Anne said...

Sometimes when I use a lot of caps in a comment the blog won't let me post it because it thinks I'm being antagonistic. I HATE THAT!

LucindaF said...

I love your caps. And your timely use of punctuation.

What will you do?

I. Can't. Wait. To. See. It.
(Not YOU naked, your naked column.)

Jayne said...


Melody said...

I'm thinking of Ariel in the Little Mermaid cartoon having her voice taken by the big (Rosemary Clooney's voice)thing.

Maybe you'll be naked, but maybe you'll also wash up on a beach and be licked by a dog and desired by a handsome prince.

And I don't mean your editor is mean or fat. And I DID like the caps in your most recent Trib article title.