Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What not to put in your garden

So I spent the evening knocking doors for my sister-in-law who is running for the legislature, which gave me ample opportunity to study lawn ornamentation. One yard had a statue of bear cubs wrestling. Only to me it looked like a statue of bear cubs having sex. And it was disturbing.


Okay. On the literary front, I went to TKE today and saw my new book THE CHIHUAHUA CHASE on display and I'll just say it right now--that cover by Julie Olson is completely irresistible. Well played, Julie Olson!


Kerry said...

near my house there's a ten foot statue of the Grim reaper sitting in someone's lawn. He's always holding random signs like, "don't forget to vote!" yesterday he had some multi-colored christmas lights and something about Obama on his sign.

LucindaF said...

I just bought your book.

And I am for no statues in yards.

Anonymous said...

I've seen similar bear cubs involved in a similar activity, and I thought maybe it was just my junior-high mind. But maybe not???

While you are reading books on the beach, I'll be trying to create one at WIFYR (is that the appropriate acronym?)

Last of all, I've started my 3rd blog - because 2 just aren't enough. It's a writing blog that I hope attracts writing support - especially for OlDeRwRitERs! I'm signing in with that url, but wanted you to know it's me - R.E.N.A.E. :)

Have a GREAT beach vacation!