Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do I use this?

So we're back from an unusually eventful trip, including a go at the ER because Geoff got stung by a stingray. Not through the heart, obviously, like Steve Irwin. He'd be dead if that were the case and where's the fun in that?

Still. It got him in the foot and when he got out of the ocean I could see blood spurting like bloody Old spurting Faithful. It kept right on spurting until he joined us on the patio where we all stood around and watched it spurt some more because who in the hell knows what to do about stingrays if you're from stingray-free Utah?

Anyway. My brother finally put us in the car and we went to the San Clemente ER where they said stingray bites are SUPER painful. They loaded Geoff up with antibiotics and pain pills and told him to soak his foot in HOT water for 48 hours. Which he did. And now his foot is a prune.

It seems like there should be a column here right because what's a family for when you're a writer if not for exploiting purposes? But I can't figure out an angle.

You need an angle, folks, so it's not just an anecdote.


Anonymous said...

Was it as painful as doctors made it out to be? I didn't read any hints of moaning or groaning, and so I'm assuming he was very brave or you were heartless. Do mothers of boys turn into unsympathetic observers once offspring reach a certain age or toughness quotient.

I'm trying really hard here to "angle" this experience. How am I doing?

P.S. I loved the WIFYR SweatShop! You were spoken of often!

Lisa B. said...

I think the angle is there--you just need to have the experience be further away. Something about stingray-free Utah will be instrumental, I feel.

But yikes.

I am glad you're back and I'm glad that stingray wasn't aiming for vital organs. Missed you.

wjmom said...

What? No pictures? (Yup, I am a closet voyeur. Or something.)

LucindaF said...

Another reason why I believe the ocean is there for every one of our senses except touch.

Alien life-forms with stingers are scary. Glad Geoff wasn't seriously injured. And glad it wasn't a jelly-fish sting because that story would be gross.

This story is a column. But like Lisa, I say let it breathe. It will be good.

Amy said...

Is it sick that I think you could write a whole column on prunes? and then at the end just say "which reminds me....my husband was stung by a stingray" and those of us who are your faithful blog readers will all snicker in unison and relish in our cool-ness.