Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chihuahua Trailer

Hey! So cute Julie Olson made this trailer for our Chihuahua book! I'm looking forward to seeing her in the flesh Saturday at the TKE launch party at 5:00!

Enjoy! While I figure out more ways to use an exclamation point!


Lisa B. said...

I can see I'll need to buy copies for my grandchildren. Will you sign? That trailer is darling and the drawings are awesome. Can't wait to see it!

Amy said...

To me Summer is 3 months of solid birthday for nephews who I'm not sure what to buy for. Thank you for answering the question! :) Can't wait.

Louise Plummer said...

Fabulous!!!! I think you're allowed all the exclamation points you want this week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Just wanted to verify that launch party is SATURDAY evening at 5:00 - June 26th? (I know that sometimes dates and places get lost in exclamation marks! :) Smiley faces obscure important info at times, too.)

I hope to see you and Julie at TKE if I can shake this summer cold/flu/whatever-it-is. Chihuahua looks and feels SO fun!